No Fooling: Windows Vista Reaches End of Lifecycle Support on April 11, 2017

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on Apr 1, 2017

By far, Vista was one of the worst releases. Beta testers such as myself begged Microsoft not to release Vista because it was plagued with performance issues stemming from the Longhorn reset and a release schedule that did not allow for adequate testing, not to mention that a lot of testing feedback wasn't even being taken into consideration at the time.

on Apr 4, 2017

I build a very powerful gamer system to run Crysis 1 at 'High' and learning to work with Vista on the go in 2006.
I loved the initial look, hated the wave of additional prompts compared to XP.
I learned and adapted and, as a gamer, loved the fact that I could adapt Vista to the level of it's own demise (like Win98 did). Vista would happily run '98 and XP build games, adapting to the demands of the software. Accepting to install DirectX5.
Windows 7 is far better in protecting itself and staying stable and alive. And because of that older games are far more difficult to get running under Win7.
Vista changed settings for an application eventually killing itself; resulting in the strangest games running without changing to compatibility.
But also resulting in:
- Bootups without active services.
- Bootups, where it couldn't find its own bootsector, because some CD-security-protection-software tried to change the Boot to protect is own copyprotected product.
- Bootups, where the AntiVirus program corrupted Windows, because it intervened in the upgrade process.

Last month I found a Vista system running pre-SP1, because the user was unable to ever get a Service Pack installed. This still is the only OS I know of, that needs AV-software removed to be able to install ServicePacks. (although the Win10 upgrades to Level1 and threshold2 also did better without AV active) They were very happy at the speed they got back from Vista after even SP1.

It was a lugging beast to start up and install, but was a great platform to game older games on.
I love and hate Vista for the awesome ability to adapt ... with the following BSOD's and crashes as a result of heavy retro gaming.

Farwell brute, I still have fond memories of gaming to the early morning, shutting down the system and finding it not booting the next evening, because the game requested a change that Vista happily did, but also killed it.

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