Windows 10 (Redstone 2) Build Tracker for PCs

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on Aug 15, 2016

"this page will track..." I'm confused (which is normal for me), are we tracking the builds here at or was there suppose to be a link to an external site?

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on Aug 15, 2016

No this is the page - and the builds will be listed here in the gallery.

on Jan 5, 2017

My Top Requests for Windows 10 Redstone 2:
1) Bring back Messaging app
2) Tabbed File Explorer
3) Add ability to set default value for NumLock for when Windows boots
4) Better support for long file name paths. (The Windows shell throws a lot of errors for really long path names.)
5) Add ability to set default Window size at a system level, not simply on a per app basis. For example, if I want to the default window size to be Maximized, I have to do it on a per app basis. I want the ability to set this value on a system wide basis.
6) Add ability to re-arrange the order in which the Taskbar preview icons are displayed. For example, if I have 3 instances of Visual Studio running and I hover my mouse over the Visual Studio icons in the taskbar, 3 preview windows will display. I want to be able to rearrange the order in which their displayed.
7) In File Explorer, add the the ability to delete a file that's listed in Recent Files.
8) Add Rolling Delete feature to Recycle Bin. User should be able to set a maximum limit for how long to keep a file around. Once the maximum limit is reached, Windows automatically deletes it from the Recycle bin.
9) Add ability to set different levels of authentication based on how long you last authenticated. For example, if my screen times out after 2 minutes, maybe authenticating with a 4 digit PIN is sufficient, but if it's been an hour, a password is required, and if it's been more than a day, two factor authentication is required.
10) Better screen use of real estate of the Calendar popup from the task tray. For example, right now, I have 4 meetings scheduled for today, but the Calendar popup only displays 3. So, I have to scroll to see the 4th meeting. But I have a good two inches free space about the Calandar that could be utilized.
11) Not a Win10 feature per se, but a better Podcast app that runs on both desktop and mobile, and syncs to the cloud so I can switch devices and pick up where I left off.
12) More intelligent location reminders for Cortana. If I say, "Remind me to buy milk the next time I'm at Jewel Osco", it will remind me while I'm in my car still driving. I don't want reminders while I'm still driving. It should wait until after I park to remind me. Even worse, it will remind me every time I drive past a Jewel Osco, even if I'm not stopping there. A simple solution to both problems is just to have a time delay of 2-3 minutes.

on Oct 4, 2016

I'm on the slow ring and today, I started getting messages saying my version of Windows is old and it's been rebooting me every few hours. But MS hasn't released a slow ring build, so I can't even update my PC even if I wanted to unless I switch rings.

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