OneDrive Universal Windows Platform App Released for Windows 10 PCs

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on May 18, 2016

The Windows 8.1 "metro-style" OneDrive app was engineered completely differently than this app. The Win8.1 OneDrive app was a system app built on the Win32 engine with a WinRT XAML UI layer. It was located in the Windows Root directory, with parts of its sync engine in the system32 folder. It was also using File Explorer's backend to let you browse your PC's hard drive. Finally, it was not sandboxed. i.e. it had full system access. It was alos patched through Windows Update (not the store)

This app, in contrast, is a mobile app, deployed through the Store. In fact, it is the SAME binary as the Windows 10 Mobile app that was in public use since the launch of Windows 10 mobile months ago.

Now, here's my thought on getting back the functionality of the Windows 8.1 app in Windows 10:

It will require at least Redstone 2 for us to see sync integration with a UWP OneDrive app. The engineering work needed is too large for this late in the development in RS1. If Microsoft is planning to bring back the functionality, they need more time, meaning the earliest possible release for that feature is RS2. And for those wondering, this feature cannot be brought through an update to the UWP OneDrive app via the Windows Store. It requires OS level changes that must be delivered via Windows Update.

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