How To: Use the Windows 10 Update Assistant to Install the Anniversary Update

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on Aug 3, 2016

Be aware that the Upgrade Assistant assumes that you have a monitor attached to your PC. It won't work for headless systems running Windows 10, as I found out to my cost...

on Aug 4, 2016

I tried using this just now but got the 80070057 error. Sigh.

on Aug 17, 2016

I tried using the windows 10 update assistant but always downloads again after verifying any fix.

on Nov 12, 2016

The win10 update assistant does nothing but add its shortcut to the desktop which, if clicked on, offers the opportunity to download the win10 update assistant. Yes, it is an endless circle. :-(

on Nov 12, 2016

That is expected behavior if you are on the latest version of Windows 10.

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