Hands On: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16257

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on Aug 5, 2017

Installation of this build disables a Samsung CLX-3185 Colour Laser Printer with an apparent USB problem. Re-installation of drivers has no effect.

on Aug 20, 2017

I think its got some rough edges yet. Defender was not active after install. Had to reboot again to get it live and running correctly. Kind of feel like some smaller text look jagged and not good. Also browser response with Firefox and Chrome seem sluggish and pause a lot. Edge actually feels better more responsive. I have not done a ton of testing so my impression is its progressing pretty well. Others may say otherwise. Don't know if I find the Metal effects of Edge any better in terms of aesthetics. Still not sold on Edge myself and prefer Chrome or Firefox. Release 16257 has been stable enough for me except for the Defender snafu.

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