Big name Universal Windows Platform apps start to arrive on Windows 10

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on Dec 21, 2015

"Deal's Hub" is a big name app ?

on Dec 21, 2015

Well, I do consider Microsoft a big name :-)

I included that one because it is highlighting app deals.

on Apr 9, 2016

I know that the new unified Windows Dev Center dashboard lets you manage and submit all of your apps for Windows devices in one place.

on Dec 21, 2015

I'm glad to see new apps showing up, but "perceived app gap?" Seriously? There is nothing perceived about it, particularly for mobile. The app gap is a simple and obvious fact.

on Dec 21, 2015

I say perceived because the app gap, in my opinion is a niche app gap based on the specific apps individuals want/need on the platform. Banks, insurance and other convenience apps.

On Mobile it is more pronounced because there is not an option to run apps in the browser like we can on a desktop.

As these companies bring their apps to UWP it will slowly bring some of those other apps. For instance - at one time American Express felt Windows Phone was too small of a platform to target for their app but now that they can provide that app on desktop and mobile - here they are.

It has to start somewhere.

on Dec 23, 2015

"On Mobile it is more pronounced because there is not an option to run apps in the browser like we can on a desktop." You don't run apps in the browser on the desktop either for the most part. You just go to the institutions's web site. You can do that reasonably well in EDGE on the phone. Not disputing there isn't an 'app gap', just that with modern mobile browsers it should not be assumed if there is no app, you can't get it done.

on Dec 21, 2015

Netflix, Shazam, Tune in Radio, Tank Blitz.

So the primary role of a computer is now considered to be as an entertainment device.

Babbage and Lovelace, Mauchly and Eckart, Turing, Newman and Flowers must be turning in their graves.

on Dec 21, 2015

Well, beyond the enterprise and sometimes in an enterprise setup our PCs do involve a lot of entertainment aspects because so much of that has transitioned online from our televisions.

If it is entertainment names that bring the other apps to the platform then so be it.

It has to start somewhere.

on Dec 22, 2015

That rather diminishes a significant part of the global market of PCs as being insignificant. The majority of those being unable to install such apps both by domain restrictions and terms of employment. Workers should not even have access to the internet unless their role requires it.

on Dec 22, 2015

I suspect the fact that I am somewhat underwhelmed by these Apps being lauded is as much about me as the Apps. I gave up the iPad and the iPhone because little on offer was of interest. I don't have the time to waste on the likes of Netflix and Shazam, there are more important things to do.

I am looking for things which are useful, not to play with. Microsoft need to get more banks on board for example. How about a Money like App with plugins to the major banks, data backups to Onedrive and a mobile based summary view for Windows 8/10 phone.

One app I do use is the Compass/Spirit Level but I would like to be able to attach that to a Note including location data, photo and brief notes about the project. Push that up to Onedrive, get the info on the linked PC.

I.e. something actually useful. IoS and Android are hamstrung by the relative lack of desktop integration, Windows Phone and RT do not need to have that same limitation. RT made the package complete, some idiot in Microsoft decides to kill it.

on Dec 24, 2015

check your data.

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