Battle of the Brains: Cortana Vs. Siri Vs. Google Home

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on Dec 26, 2016

"Alexa, please change the headline."

on Dec 26, 2016


on Dec 26, 2016

Where is Alexa???

on Dec 27, 2016

Our apologies - we had Alexa in the headline but Google Home in the comparison.

We are expecting an Echo Dot for review and will post separately about how Alexa works in that article.

on Jan 5, 2017

This is an evident impartial review. The writer is obviously in favour of Android assistant.
I haven't tried them with a iOS device, so i can't tell anything about SIRI. Comparing Cortana to Android I didn't had so many difficulties like you using Cortana.
Not mentioning the fact that probably the writer chose the comands that work better on google.
Not mentioning the fact google don't understant neither 90% of words if you talk normal (fast, non slow, not so near to microphone).
There are of function Siri or Cortana has that Google don't have (and vice versa).

The problem is that in every slide you underline the negative points of Siri and Cortana, exalting Google, even when it's not completely true what wrote. Like the "send a text" quest.

I don't personally prefer any of these assistant, I just like them grow more and more, but this article is just disinformation.

Said that i will deleted my account, created just to tell my opinion on a non-objecive article.

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