Is the Windows 10 Creators Update Ready for Release?


As of today there have been 23 PC builds and 16 Mobile builds pushed out to testers for the soon to be released Windows 10 Creators Update. This third major feature update has been in development since August of last year.

The feature set was locked down a month ago and over the last few builds no new features have been added while a lot of work has been done on fixing bugs and improving performance.

Since we are on the verge of seeing what is likely the general availability build of the Creators Update we want to get a quick thumbs up or thumbs down on your view of the updates readiness for release.

We have already heard this week that the Mobile version of this feature update will not be released on the same day as the PC update so this poll is all about that version.

Of course, in this Windows as a Service (WaaS) world we live in is anything ever really complete?

Thanks for voting.



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on Mar 9, 2017

Is it perfect? No. Ready? No.
Is it stable enough for release? Yes, it seems that way. Especially with monthly patch releases coming out afterwards.

on Mar 9, 2017

Windows as a Service in a nutshell!

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