Way back in the beforetime, people used to have to punch a time card to indicate when they checked in and out of the job. Or they had to come in and write their hours on a time sheet, which their boss would then have to check against the schedule, then tally up to make sure the numbers balanced. Now, workers will have the option of logging their hours independent of location.

Thanks to the debut of the Office 365 Project Time Reporter iOS app, being able to track your own tasks for your boss's benefit is something you can do on your phone wherever you are.

Users can add new assignments or non-project work to their individual timesheet, or create new personal tasks in the Timesheet view. In addition, you can keep track of current or overdue tasks, or submit task status updates. The good news is, you can save your timesheet for later submission. This will be handy if you need to modify tasks or finish them.

According to Microsoft, "Android and Windows Phone versions of the app will also be coming to the Google Play Store and Windows Store soon."