Windows 10 Creators Update: Step by Step to Upgrade Your System With the Media Creation Tool

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on Apr 7, 2017

I tried updating from mounting ISO image and it worked but some issues. I decided after a regression back to Anniversary wasn't stable either with SFC scan reporting errors. I created a USB image of Creator 1703 and clean installed. Worked much better.

on May 6, 2017

I tried to install Creator 10, checked my computer with WU troubleshooter from MS and it fixed errors & said all was good to go.
Downloaded latest version from MS site and started install. All went well untill it got to about 72% then the screen went black and the drive light stopped flashing - waited 30 min. and rebooted. When it came back it resumed at 75% and continued till it hit 89% where the screen froze up (balls stopped moving), Left it for another 30 min. and then rebooted (hoping it would keep going). It then went recover mode and took it back to where I started.
Any suggestions, do my problems get sent back to MS, can I find an error log, should I just wait for the next update version?


on May 9, 2017

I have known a few people who had to backup their data and just remove everything from the device in order to get the update to finish installing - it happens with a subset of devices upgrading. Also - don't forget as MS said a few weeks ago - your device may have a specific issue they are addressing and then will make the update available to your hardware on Windows Update.

Since we are in that transition and roll out period it maybe smarter to stay put and wait for the update to appear on Windows Update and then do the install/upgrade.

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