The Windows 10 Creators Update was in the public portion of its development from August 2016 to March of this year.

That is about eight months and the Windows team released 28 builds over that time frame to test and implement many new features in this third major update to Windows 10.

As Microsoft continues the steady and cautious rollout of the update to current Windows 10 users some of you might be curious about the update or if you jumped in and upgraded with the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant you are already exploring the update.

This video will introduce you to 10 enhancements in the Creators Update that you can jump in and check out immediately after your upgrade. They are all handy options that give you new capabilities in the operating system and get you started in familiarizing yourself with the entire update.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comments below and we will help out and get you answers.


Windows 10 Creators Update

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