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I served for 29 plus years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer in November 2011. My work background in the Navy was telecommunications related so my hobby of computers fit well in what I did for the Navy. I consider myself a tech geek and enjoy most things in that arena.

My first website – – came online in 1995. Back then I used GeoCities Web Hosting for it and is the result of the work I have done on this site since 1995.

In January 2010 my community contributions were recognized by Microsoft when I received my first Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for the Windows Operating System. Since then I have been renewed in the Microsoft MVP for Windows each year on January 1st for seven consecutive awards in the program.

I host the Observed Tech PODCAST which is a weekly look at all things tech with a decidedly Microsoft angle however, all subjects are discussed including security, social media, hardware, software and anything tech-ish!

I began contributing to Penton Technology websites in January 2015.


Microsoft Lets Windows 10 Users Know the Creators Update is Coming Soon.
Microsoft wants to make sure its users on the latest version of Windows 10, the Anniversary Update, knows that the Creators Update will be out soon.
Windows 10 Gets New Cumulative Update After Microsoft Delayed Updates in February
The first patches for Windows 10 in two months have arrived and among the updates is a simple reminder that the Creators Update is coming soon.
Smart Home: Setting Up the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini and Connecting to the Alexa Service


Yesterday I shared an unboxing gallery for the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini that is compatible with Amazon's Alexa service.

This device plugs into a wall socket, connects to your home wireless network and can be controlled manually by pressing the On/Off button on its side.

Smart Home: TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini Unboxing
This device can help you control the on/off status of an electrical outlet using your smart phone and it can be used with Amazon's Alexa service.
Microsoft Could Name Redstone 3 the Windows 10 Mobility Update 2
After last year's proclamation that the company was not focused on mobile, is it time for Microsoft to restore users faith in the Windows Mobile platform with the next major feature update for Windows 10?
Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15055 Provides Clues for the Future
Look closely, and you can piece together a fair prediction of what's coming in Windows 10 Creators Update. Just pay attention to these details.
Can You Keep Your Data Safe Just Using OneDrive? 9
Using a cloud storage and sync solution like OneDrive can be an effective data protection plan in the right circumstances.
Quick Tip: Disable Ads and Suggestions in the Windows 10 File Explorer
You can switch off Microsoft's ad/suggestions experiment in its Windows 10 user interface
New Xbox One Console Welcome App Available to Xbox Insiders on Alpha Preview Ring
The latest preview build contains a new app that will help console users make sure all aspects of their Xbox One are properly setup and ready to go.
Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Hardware/Firmware Updates Released for System Stability and Performance
Microsoft's flagship Surface hardware devices are getting updated firmware and drivers to help with system stability and performance.
Microsoft Releases First PC Slow Ring Build of 2017 to Windows Insiders
After an 85 day gap between slow ring builds, Windows Insiders taking the slower approach to new builds are going to see a lot of new stuff in this latest build that is now available for them to try out.
Checking the Operational Status of Microsoft Services 1
Microsoft provides several service status pages to help communicate the up, down, or reduced status state of their online services.
When will the Windows 10 Creators Update be Released? 2
Can history help us figure out when we might see the general release of the third major feature update to Windows 10?
Resource: New Basic Training Video Collection for Microsoft Office
Microsoft has unveiled a new collection of videos that can be used to train end users on several aspects of the basic functionality in their Office suite of software.
Microsoft's Update and Restart Modifications in Creators Update Hit the Mark for End Users 2
While the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update is bringing many different updates to this latest feature upgrade, it looks like a simple scheduling feature for updates will be the most popular.


Another Day - Another Build as Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15061 for PCs
March 18, 2017

Indeed - a very accurate sentence for sure. Thanks for bringing it to my attention - now fixed!

Does Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15058 Finally Set the Stage for General Availability?
March 16, 2017

Out of curiosity, how do you enable the watermark?

Metered Connections in Windows 10 Creators Update Will Not Block All Windows Update Downloads (Updated)
March 16, 2017

Thanks for sharing the link to that FAQ and I agree - it is now just more visible that metered connections will be used to download some updates.

Still - that FAQ was...

Can You Keep Your Data Safe Just Using OneDrive?
March 10, 2017

Not mobile - it is on demand - grab when you need the file.

New Windows 10 Devices Announced at Mobile World Congress 2017
March 1, 2017

I did not see anything in the write up but one of the images with the keyboard showed a pen loop I believe.