Richard Hay

Senior Content Producer,
Penton Technology

I served for 29 plus years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Master Chief Petty Officer in November 2011. My work background in the Navy was telecommunications related so my hobby of computers fit well in what I did for the Navy. I consider myself a tech geek and enjoy most things in that arena.

My first website – – came online in 1995. Back then I used GeoCities Web Hosting for it and is the result of the work I have done on this site since 1995.

In January 2010 my community contributions were recognized by Microsoft when I received my first Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for the Windows Operating System. Since then I have been renewed in the Microsoft MVP for Windows each year on January 1st for seven consecutive awards in the program.

I host the Observed Tech PODCAST which is a weekly look at all things tech with a decidedly Microsoft angle however, all subjects are discussed including security, social media, hardware, software and anything tech-ish!

I began contributing to Penton Technology websites in January 2015 and in April 2017 I was hired as the Senior Content Producer for Penton Technology.


How To: Switch from iCloud to OneDrive for Camera Roll Sync and Backup
If you are an iPhone user then iOS uses iCloud to backup your camera images by default. If you have a Microsoft Account you can switch to it for your camera image upload and sync in just a few steps.
Ask @WinObs: What Can Windows 10 Do to Help My Family Tech Support Woes? 1

This is a great question because many of you as advanced users are likely on speed dial for some members of your family when it comes to their computers and helping them deal with any issues that come up with those devices.

Hands On: Xbox One Fall Update Light Theme 1
A few weeks ago Microsoft began testing their fall update for the Xbox One console and one of the new features of the revamped console is a light theme for the latest version of the dashboard.
Free Windows 10 S Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro Extended by Microsoft
Microsoft's will allow Windows 10 S users to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 Pro at no cost until the end of March 2018.
Hands On: Using an Amazon Locker for Purchase Deliveries and Returns
For a variety of reasons, asking Amazon to deliver a purchase to one of their Amazon Lockers can be very handy.
Microsoft - Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Arrives Worldwide on 17 October 2017
The fourth major feature update to Windows 10, which has been code named Redstone 3, will become available to users on 17 October 2017.
Microsoft Begins Testing Office 365 Availability in Windows Store Beyond Windows 10 S 1
After announcing Windows Store versions of their flagship Office 365 software earlier this year for Windows 10 S, Microsoft is now expanding the testing for this delivery method to other versions of Windows 10.
IFA 2017: Watching the Microsoft Keynote on 01 Sep 2017 and Partner Hardware Announcements
In Europe this week during the annual IFA 2017 conference, Microsoft and their partners are announcing several new pieces of hardware including gaming machines, laptops, and mixed reality headsets. Microsoft has a keynote scheduled for Friday that should include some additional news.
Groove Music Labor Day Offer - Buy One Month and Get Six Free 7
Still waiting to try out Groove Music? For less than $10 you can use it for seven months and see if it can be your streaming music service.
Cortana & Alexa Sitting on a Desk - T.A.L.K.I.N.G.
In a surprise announcement Microsoft and Amazon share how their digital assistants will get to know each other in the near future.
In the Augmented Reality Race Microsoft Is Now Playing Catch Up Despite Early Announcements
It seems Microsoft once again finds themselves playing third string to Apple and Google and this time it is in the area of Augmented Reality. Believe it or not, mobile hardware is also playing a role in this situation.
Download the Microsoft Ignite Apps to Prepare and Maintain Your Schedule for This Years Conference
If you are attending Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida in late September then now is the time to begin organizing your schedule of sessions.
Doing the Math: All Windows 10 Mobile Support likely to end in December 2019 5
Looking at past feature updates for the mobile version of Windows 10 will give us an idea when we can expect support to end for what is believed to be the final feature update for Windows 10 Mobile.
Microsoft Releases Late Week PC (16275) and Mobile (15245) Builds to Windows Insiders 1
After three weeks with no new PC builds, Microsoft releases a second build in just three days for testers. Mobile Insiders also received a new build at the same time.
Initial Impressions and Hands On: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (Gen 2) 2-in-1 1
The ThinkPad X1 Tablet, a second generation device, builds on its predecessor and delivers a unique 2-in-1 device for business and consumer users.


Popular Utility CCleaner Compromised; Could Potentially Impact Upwards of 20 Million Users
September 19, 2017

An updated blog post from Avast, Piriform's parent company, indicates that is not necessary.

However, if my system has had a backdoor in use via a validly signed...

Groove Music Labor Day Offer - Buy One Month and Get Six Free
August 30, 2017

Correct = new subs only.

Doing the Math: All Windows 10 Mobile Support likely to end in December 2019
August 29, 2017

Windows on ARM will enable low powered, fanless devices and result in low battery consumption. Then with virtualization, x86 apps will be able to run on these small form...

Microsoft Announces Changes for Third Party Antivirus Products on Windows 10
August 11, 2017

The fourth bullet of the list of changes they are making addresses this in that the user will have to explicitly select to renew their third party AV or activate Windows...

Checking out the Windows 10 Alarms & Clock App
August 3, 2017

This is one of Microsoft's inbox apps for Windows 10 and I am pretty sure they are not going to share the source code from within Windows.