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Paul Thurrott is senior technical analyst for Windows IT Pro. He writes the SuperSite for Windows, a weekly editorial for Windows IT Pro UPDATE, and a daily Windows news and information newsletter called WinInfo Daily UPDATE. You can find him on Twitter.


Microsoft Band Field Guide 0.08
This minor update to the in-progress Microsoft Band Field Guide corrects an error in the Bluetooth settings section: It is indeed possible—and even fairly easy—to unpair your Band from one smart phone and pair it with a new phone without resetting the Band. I'm also messing around with the structure a bit and trying to find a place for setting/adjusting your fitness and health goals.
Microsoft Confirms that Windows 10 will also be Version 10 Internally 10
It may seem like an esoteric subject, but the recent rumors about Microsoft changing the version number of Windows 10 are true: In this release, the software giant will align the name of the product with the version number, the first time it's done so since the mid-1990s. And that could impact application and even web site compatibility in the new OS.
Xbox One Year One 16
One year ago tomorrow, Microsoft launched Xbox One, its most impressive yet controversial video game and entertainment console. It's been a tough first year in many ways, but the software giant is celebrating this anniversary with some nice giveaways for those who took a chance on the Xbox One.
First Windows 10 Consumer Preview Leaks Appear 11
If you're following along with the development of Windows 10, you know that the current Windows Technical Preview builds are geared towards businesses and tech enthusiasts. But in early 2015, Microsoft will release a Consumer Preview for Windows 10, and those builds will provide a better look at many new end user features. This week, the first Consumer Preview builds allegedly leaked online, so here's a quick peek.
Microsoft Band Field Guide 0.07

Here's another quick update to Microsoft Band Field Guide. This update includes a chapter/section about sleep monitoring. More soon.

Short Takes: November 21, 2014
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including Azure going down for the count, Intel's celebration of flat PC sales in 2015, an NSA prediction of a "dramatic" cyber-attack against the US in the next decade, Xiaomi's plot to unseat Samsung and Apple, Google settles mobile patent suit with industry group, Android is the new Windows, and GameStop misunderstands why they're doing poorly.
Amazon Fire TV Stick First Impressions 14
If there's a place where Amazon's experience understanding what typical consumers really need will resonate, it's the living room. And the new Amazon Fire TV Stick ticks all the boxes: It's inexpensive, it's easy to configure, set up and use, and unlike most of the competition, it comes with everything you need to get started. Time will tell if the Fire TV Stick holds up, but my first impressions are mostly positive.
Office Mobile for Android Handsets Gets Dropbox Support, File Sharing 5
I happened to notice this addition yesterday because I updated my Nexus 5 to Android 5.0 and then reset the device and reinstalled all my apps: Microsoft this week updated Office Mobile for Android handsets to support Dropbox integration. But there's another change I hadn't noticed as well. The update lets you share files with others too, regardless of which service you use.
Microsoft Band Field Guide 0.06
Here's a sixth update to Microsoft Band Field Guide. This updates completes the section "Configure settings on your Band." More soon.
Windows Weekly 389: OneDrive Was My Ikea 5
In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, Mary Jo Foley joins Leo Laporte and I remotely from Sweden and we discuss big OneDrive changes in the Windows Technical Preview, Nokia's N1 tablet and a Jolla crowd-sourced tablet, Office 365 Video and Office 365 ProPlus, more Surface Pro 3 firmware updates, and how update rollups are replacing service packs.
Microsoft Adds Skype Chat to Office Online 2
If you use or OneDrive, you have probably noticed that you can initiate Skype chats from their web-based UIs. Well, now that capability is coming to some of Office Online—the web-based versions of Microsoft's popular Office applications—too. And it may make even more sense in that environment, since will enable easier real-time collaboration when it rolls out in the coming weeks.
Microsoft Will Try to Fix Windows 10 Build 9879 44
I've got some good news for tech enthusiasts who are beta-testing Windows 10 through the Windows Technical Preview: Microsoft intends to fix the incredibly buggy and unstable third milestone release of Windows 10—build 9879—with a "bugcheck hotfix." And this fix will be included in the version of the build that "slow ring" testers will get soon.
Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines Choose Surface Pro 3 for their Pilots 6
Microsoft announced this morning that both Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Austrian Airlines have adopted Surface Pro 3 for their pilots. The two airlines join Delta Airlines in using the Microsoft devices as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) in airline cockpits, replacing heavy packages of important flight documents.
Mozilla Ousts Google from Firefox in the US, Picks Yahoo Search
Six months after usage of Google Chrome surpassed that of its own web browser, Mozilla has replaced Google with Yahoo as the default search experience in Firefox in the United States. The move was a long time coming—the two long-time partners have been at odds since Google launched Chrome back six years ago—but was waiting on the expiration of a 10-year search agreement between the two firms.
Surface Pro 3 Firmware Updates for November Are Now Available 12
Microsoft today delivered a new set of firmware updates for Surface Pro 3, fixing issues with UEFI, Surface Pen, the Home button, and the wireless adapters. The firm had previously revealed that it would deliver November's firmware updates a bit later in the month than usual, and not on the normal Patch Tuesday schedule.