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Windows + Mac: Boot Camp
Apple still provides a Boot Camp utility for its Mac computers that lets you dual boot between Windows and Mac OS X. As has always been the case, the Boot Camp drivers are not ideal, resulting in lackluster battery life and some balky hardware devices in Windows. But can you minimize these issues somewhat with third-party drivers, and turn your Mac into a reasonable facsimile of a Windows PC.
A First Look at the Windows Technical Preview 8
In less than two weeks, Microsoft will begin revealing information about the Windows Technical Preview, the first pre-release look at the next version of Windows. The actual Preview won't be out until October, I'm told. But there's no reason to wait: Here's what you're going to see.
Microsoft Confirms Second Round of Layoffs
As expected, Microsoft began its second round of layoffs this week, with 2,100 employees losing their jobs. But this cut was much less dramatic than the first round in July, when 13,000 employees were let go from the company.
Microsoft Updates Office 365 Web Portal 1
If you are using Office 365 for business, you can now configure the web portal—which is basically the default user experience you get when you sign into the site—with an attractive new start page that provides quick access to the service's web apps. The new design is in some ways similar to what consumers access at
Amazon Launches New Kindle E-Readers, Tablets 13
Amazon this week announced new versions of most of its Kindle e-book reader devices and tablets. As always, the Kindle devices undercut the pricing of rivals and offer some unique features. But this is the first time since the original Kindle that I haven't been fired up by a new Kindle release, and I find myself in the unprecedented position of not wanting any of these devices.
Apple Touts Privacy Benefits of its Platforms
On the eve of the iPhone 6 launch—the company's latest smart phones go on sale Friday morning—Apple has published a new web site that extolls its relationship with customers and their privacy. And the message is simple: There is no relationship. Apple, the site says, respects your privacy and never works behind the scenes, as Google does, to mine your data and sell it to advertisers. It's a compelling message.
Windows Dev Center Drops Annual Registration Fee 6
In a major—if penultimate—change to its developer program for Windows and Windows Phone, Microsoft this week dropped the annual registration fee from Windows Dev Center. Now, developers only have make a one-time registration payment of just $20 and they're granted lifetime registration and benefits.
Toshiba Encore Mini Preview 28
The question "how low can they go?" is no longer theoretical. As it turns out, they can go very low indeed. PC makers have raced to respond to Microsoft's "zero dollar" Windows licensing, and the result is a new generation of ultra-cheap Windows PCs and devices. The latest example: Toshiba's $120 mini-tablet, the Encore Mini.
Microsoft Remakes Board as Second Round of Layoffs Loom
Satya Nadella has indicated numerous times that he would remake Microsoft into a faster moving company that embraced modern computing trends. But this week's changes are as old as corporate America: The firm will undertake its previously-announced second round of layoffs and is making major changes to its board of directors.
Windows + Mac: Which Windows 23
I was going to move on to a discussion of virtualizing Windows on the Mac, but before I get to that I think it may be worth a short discussion around some of the Windows-related issues you'll need to deal with regardless of which method you choose. Indeed, this conversation about running Windows on the Mac is going to be a bit more involved than I originally thought.
Office Lens for Windows Phone Can Now Create Office Documents 17
Microsoft on Tuesday released an update to its excellent Office Lens app for Windows Phone, enabling the app to convert scanned pictures into Word documents and PowerPoint presentations that you can edit, author and edit again.
Microsoft Releases OneNote Share Extension for iOS 8 6
Thanks to new extensibility features in iOS 8, the latest version of Apple's mobile OS, it's now possible for third parties to improve on the base OS in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in interesting new ways. So Microsoft is supporting this extensibility with a new OneNote Share extension that lets you share information to OneNote from almost anywhere in iOS.
OneNote Comes to Android Wear Watches 4
Welcome to crazy town. Microsoft today released its first version of OneNote for Android Wear Watches. This means you can speak into your wrist like Dick Tracey and capture ideas and information in all-new ways.
Microsoft Announces New Tablet Keyboard, Other Accessories 25
Now, this is interesting. Microsoft announced some new hardware accessories today, as it does at the start of every holiday season. But amid the expected mice and a PC version of the Xbox Wireless Controller is an unexpected new entry, the Universal Mobile Keyboard. As its name suggests, the Universal Mobile Keyboard is designed to work with iPad, iPhone, and Android handsets and tablets. Oh, and Windows tablets too.
Satya Nadella Explains the "Mobile" in "Mobile First, Cloud First"
Ever since Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took over for Steve Ballmer and started putting his own stamp on the software giant, Microsoft watchers and customers alike have scrutinized his every utterance looking for clues to the future. And he's been quite accommodating, issuing lengthy public statements about how the company will move forward. But this week, at a curiously minor event, he offered up what I think is his most cogent explanation of the mobile part in his "mobile first, cloud first" strategy.