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Derek Walter is a freelance writer. He is the author of Learning MIT App Inventor, and a contributor to @agreenbot@cmswire,@fastcompany@thenextweb and others.


How to Make Android and Windows Play Nicely Together
Microsoft has fully embraced the capabilities of Android, a wise move given how much the company can embed its apps and services at a deeper level than what’s possible on iOS. And here's what is possible.
What Does Mobile-First Security Look Like?
Mobile-first security isn’t terribly different from just good security practices. However, things move more quickly and require a deep understanding of managing security and data with a cloud provider. The cloud is smarter, but everything it knows means that it must be protected.
Google’s New Cloud Search is a Preview to a Future of Quantified Work
Google is pretty good at search. But how well can it bring about the more quantified experiences that we all crave? Will it give you insights about your work that will impress clients and help you work smarter?
Tiered Security: Google Approach of "Just Enough" Security + Cloud Works For Employees
A deeper look inside the Googleplex offers some strategies that might impact how to implement your own multiplatform computing environment.
Ten Alexa Skills to Enhance Your Productivity
While speaking instead of typing may sound like the newest form of digital-enhanced laziness, it’s actually turned into a way to work smarter.
Alexa Privacy FAQ: Here's What It Knows About You
By taking some time to learn how the Echo works, how Amazon saves your data, and how to delete it, you’ll have less trepidation that chatting with your Echo will generate an Exhibit A against you in the future.
2017 Predictions: Google Wants to (Literally) Be Everywhere You Are
The story of Android in 2016 was about more than just the operating system. It was about Google's real ambition: Total ubiquity in everyone's lives.
Battle of the Brains: Cortana Vs. Siri Vs. Google Home 8

How helpful are these assistants? And is there a clearly superior option? We tested the offerings from Microsoft, Apple and Google -- Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant, respectively -- by coming up with a list of presumably simple tasks and seeing how each one performed each task.

What We Want to See From Google Home in 2017
If Google Home is ever going to be able to take on Amazon Alexa, it's going to need to remember the "home" part of the "smart home:" phrase and add more household-management tasks.
How to Migrate to a New PC Without Losing Your Mind
Are you about to switch computer platforms? Knowing what you’re in for can make for a smoother transition -- and we've got the Mac-to-PC and PC-to-Mac experiences covered.
Google Home Is the Right Companion -- If You're All In on Google's Services 1
Welcome to the next big tech brawl in town: Alexa vs. Google Home. We've let the Alphabet's attempt at a home assistant run our household -- and we have some insights to share.
Five Things to Know About Switching Mobile Ecosystems 1

The Android or iPhone debate too often focuses on which is the “best.” That’s often a misnomer, because each ecosystem has its own distinct advantages that might tempt you to switch from one to another.

Identify and Solve Your Digital Asset Management Problems
It has never been easier to store a lot of files. But guess what's gotten harder? Storing, finding, and keeping track of rich media, digital rights, and permissions
How To: Boost Your Cloud Storage Mindfulness 1

Mindfulness is one of the hot new terms when it comes to healthy living. The idea it embodies: slow down, take stock of your life from time to time, and clear away all the clutter in your life, from the spare keys in your junk drawer to the Facebook friends you can't even remember.

The same principle applies to your cloud storage.Without taking some time to think about exactly what you’ve stored there, you may get sucked into the false panacea promised by limitless cloud storage.

How To: Make Project Fi Your Wireless And Voice Service When Traveling

After two weeks in Europe with Project Fi, I don’t want to turn the service off.